First Words Sampler Readalikes

words sampler

An educational tool that gives your child a head start to learn letters and words.

Books that are Read a likes to the First Words Sampler app:

PenguinsPenguins love ABC’s by Sarah Aspinall is a story about a mother penguin that decides to hide all the alphabet letters in the snow. Then her six penguins need to find them to create a big bowl of alphabet soup.




abcwheelsABC’s on Wheels by Ramon Olivera is a story of all things that go! It goes through all the ABC’s on Wheels!









ABC Pasta by Juana Medina takes the reader through the letters of the alphabet all created with noodles and delicious vegetables.




Max'sabcMax’s ABC by Rosemary Wells. Have fun with Max and Ruby as they discover their ABC’s!



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